How to Make Calls from JioFiber Using Both Landline and Smartphone via JioFixedVoice

How to Make Calls from JioFiber Using Both Landline and Smartphone via JioFixedVoice:

  • The subscribers will have to get a landline handset separately
  • For making calls through smartphones, subscribers will need to download JioCall app
  • JioFixedVoice calling uses VoIP to make calls

Reliance Jio launched its JioFiber Fibre to the Home service in India last year. The launch of this service was a much-awaited one. Now to increase the attractiveness of its offering, Reliance Jio did not merely come up with a fibre connection and a data offering. Combined with this, Reliance Jio also started shipping more things with a JioFiber connection. There is obviously the very popular Jio Set-Top Box which the users of JioFiber get as part of the Welcome Offer from Reliance Jio. Using this Set-Top Box, the subscribers can watch DTH and OTT content both since it is a Hybrid Set-Top Box. However, apart from this, Reliance Jio teased another offering which had the users’ attention since the very beginning. The feature that we are talking about is the calling feature of the JioFiber connection. On the JioFiber connection, the subscribers will be able to make free unlimited, video and voice calls to other users. The calls which will be made from the JioFiber connection can both be from a landline and a smartphone, and they would fall under the JioFixedVoice functionality. How to make all of this happen? Follow our lead and read ahead.

JioFiber Calling Uses VoIP

The first thing to note here is that all the calls that you make through the JioFiber connection will be VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) calls. This means that the calls will be carried over the Wi-Fi or the LAN network and the technology which will be used will be identical to the one which is used in the VoWi-Fi calling technology.

JioFixedVoice Calls Over JioFiber Via Landline

The first way that users can make calls through JioFiber or by JioFixedVoice is by actually using a landline phone. For this, you will first have to get a landline handset. The subscribers should note that Reliance Jio is not going to provide a landline handset to the subscribers, and you will have to buy it separately. When you do this, you will be able to connect the landline to the RJ11 port given on the back of your Reliance JioFiber Hub or the Home Gateway. This is the router which Reliance Jio provides with every JioFiber connection. On plugging your phone to this port, you will be able to make calls from your JioFiber number.

JioFiber Calls Through Smartphones

Another method by which you can make calls through your JioFiber connection is through your smartphone. The calls by this method are made using similar technology which you would make through if you were to make calls using JioFi. Firstly, you will have to download the JioCall app, which was previously known as the Jio 4G Voice app. After you download this application, you will have to log in using the third option which asks you to login using your JioFiber connection. For this, you will have to be in the Wi-Fi zone and connected to the particular JioFiber connection. When you are logged in, you will be able to make calls from this JioFiber number using the JioCall app. The number that is displayed to the recipients will be the same number which has been allocated to your JioFiber connection. Further, when you are making calls, you will also notice that there is a video call option as well, meaning that the users will also be able to make video calls using this application.

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How to Make Calls from JioFiber Using Both Landline and Smartphone via JioFixedVoice